Fraud Investigation

Use technology to deter fraud and misconduct

Why Fraud Investigation ?

The advent of a cyber prone world, has revolutionized the way businesses and organisations carry out their day to day activities. From Multi-national corporations to newly emerging businesses, adapting to newer techniques can become difficult, and an outbreak of a cyber offence could escalate the problems to worst conditions. With the remarkable amount of expertise, our professional team at Forenthics, is best at identifying, preserving, recovering, analyzing and presenting facts and opinions regarding situations of concern that your organisation or institute would have a difficult time dealing with. These cases comprise of exhaustive phases, where sciences of criminal and civil law need to be integrated. The rightly knowledgeable and skilled authority is exactly what you need.Thus we aim at providing a scrutinized chain of actions, according to what is held accountable in the court of law. We are proficient in carrying out precisely careful and fair investigations, to frauds emerging at various technical degrees, magnitudes and sources.

Our Methodology For Support

At Forenthics, we understand the importance of an organisation’s greatest resources that includes man and machine. Providing intricate care at investigations is our obligation.Retaining advanced and upto date forensic technologies and tools makes us ideal at initiating, progressing and completing a case with extensive detail. The perfect combination of skills, foresight and technology from our team is the perfect aid to any organisation’s criminal outburst.

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